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Antimicrobial Treatments for Sports Equipment | Ultra Fresh

Antimicrobial Treatments for Sports Equipment

Antimicrobial Treatments for Sports Equipment

Everyone has experienced the dreaded stench of well-used sporting equipment.

Whether it’s the hockey bag that stinks up to the front of the car from the trunk, or a mat that has seen a few dozen sweaty hot yoga practices, perspiration can encourage the growth of bacteria in sports equipment.  This can lead to unpleasant odours and product discolouration.

How Can an Antimicrobial Treatment Help?

Antimicrobial treatments like Ultra-Fresh and Silpure can be safely added to textiles during the manufacturing process of the product. The innovative, anti-stink technology works by preventing the growth of unwanted, odour-causing bacteria in the textile material.

By protecting the textiles used in sports equipment from unwanted growth of microbes, Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobials work hard to keep products clean, fresh, and odour-free. Our technology can typically be incorporated into existing manufacturing processes so that no extra production steps or special equipment are needed.

Why Protect Your Products?

Vic Hockey Equipment with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Technology

In untreated fabrics and textiles, perspiration and other environmental factors can instigate the growth of bacteria and fungi.  This leads to unwanted side-effects like unpleasant smells and poor product performance.

By protecting your sporting equipment products early – in the manufacturing stage with an antimicrobial treatment – you will benefit from:

  • Extended product lifespan
  • Stain protection
  • Odour-control

In a highly competitive market, Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial treatments offer a competitive advantage for your sport products.  Ensure increased customer satisfaction and better product performance by protecting your products with an antimicrobial treatment.

Vic Hockey                

In August 2018, Ultra-Fresh partnered with Vic Hockey to help control offensive odours in the fabric lining of their hockey equipment.

Our innovative anti-stink technology helps to prevent the growth of unwanted, odour-causing bacteria in the textile material of their equipment, so the only thing that is left behind is the sweet smell of VICtory!

You can find Vic Hockey equipment produced with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology in Canadian Tire and Sport Chek.

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