Antimicrobial Companies: Find the Best One to Work With

JULY 11TH, 2018
Antimicrobial Companies: Find the Best One to Work With
Updated February 14, 2019

Companies interested in antimicrobial additives now have a lot of options. With an ever-increasing number of antimicrobial companies out there, it can be hard to decide which supplier is the best fit.  There are some core factors to consider when making this choice, which we will look at below.

Antimicrobial Companies Check List:

Cutting Edge Products

Antimicrobial companies should be constantly trying to perfect their technologies and methods. The best antimicrobial suppliers out there are always testing new ways to improve their additives and treatments.

When researching antimicrobial companies, be sure to ask about ongoing quality control testing and product development because these are features that your company will benefit from in the long run.

Proven History

While having cutting edge technology is important, having a proven record of performance is essential. Antimicrobial companies that show proper lab results and case studies are a must. This way you can be sure you are choosing the best protection for your products.

On-Going Partnerships

When looking at antimicrobial companies, be sure to ask about their current partners and customers.  Trustworthy antimicrobial suppliers will have recognizable and loyal customers from all areas around the world.

Regulatory Expertise

Many other countries have strict regulations surrounding antimicrobial treatments and allowable claims.  For instance, in the USA, the Environmental Protection Agency regulates antimicrobial additives, along with claims via their PR Notice 2000-1.

Therefore, it is important that when researching antimicrobial companies, you choose one that is knowledgeable about the global regulatory landscape.  The right partner will ensure you are using properly registered products for your target markets and will help navigate the confusing regulatory landscape.

Fantastic Customer Support

The antimicrobial manufacturers you research should focus on customer service.  Look for a company that works with you to decide the best course of action for your needs.  You want to select a long-term partner rather than a company that just supplies antimicrobial additive.

Easy to Work With

Top antimicrobial companies will have the treatment process as streamlined as possible and will have product stocked strategically all over the world.  Above all, you will want to look at antimicrobial suppliers that have multiple treatment options available for a variety of product types, including textiles, plastics, flooring, coatings and foams.

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