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Protect your products from stains, odors and degradation

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High Performance Antimicrobial Technologies

Used by the world’s leading brands, our Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial products control the growth of unwanted microbes in consumer and industrial products.

Offering odor control and protection from staining and product degradation, Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobials offer manufacturers a cost-effective solution for maintaining product quality while extending the life of textiles, plastics, carpets, foams, coatings, and more.

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Antimicrobial Applications

By offering a broad selection of antimicrobial additives, we always have the right formulation for your products.

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Silpure is a textile finish containing ultra-fine crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate. Silpure provides built-in protection from unwanted odor-causing bacteria.

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Expert, thorough, and timely technical service are key reasons manufacturers and brands from around the world place their trust in Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additives.

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A global leader in antimicrobial protection, Thomson Research Associates (TRA) was established more than sixty years ago in Toronto, Canada.

Today, our Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial products are used by hundreds of manufacturers in more than 50 countries around the world.

How Antimicrobials Work

Discover how our antimicrobials inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes.

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