Mission Statement

Thomson Research Associates offers Ultra-Fresh and Silpure – safe and effective treatments that control undesirable microbial growth on textiles and polymers for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

The comprehensive Ultra-Fresh package of technical services, marketing, research & development and regulatory expertise – provides our customers with peace-of-mind confidence in our company and our products.

As It Applies

Thomson Research Associates (TRA) operates on strong scientific principles supported by a sound moral and ethical culture. These factors allow the company to take a leading global position in furnishing antimicrobial agents that protect textiles and polymeric materials.

Integrity is not given; it is earned.

TRA has earned the respect of its peers and of its many hundreds of customers around the world by employing strict performance standards. Heavy investment in our microbiology and chemistry laboratories – for quality control, program development and R&D – is testament to our commitment to providing customers with important performance data. Additionally, TRA supports the United Nations’ Global Compact and cooperates with our suppliers and customers in upholding its principles. TRA pursues business opportunities that are legal, legitimate and ethical; opportunities with companies that do not fit with TRA’s culture are rejected.

TRA employees accept and adhere to our “TRA Culture” as it is of utmost importance in remaining strong and successful. TRA understands that an impeccable history of success – founded on business integrity and respect for individuals – is the most valuable asset of all.

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