Pink Stains On Vinyl: A Problem

APRIL 12TH, 2018
Pink Stains On Vinyl: A Problem

With boating season approaching, it’s time to address a common problem: pink stains on vinyl. If you own a boat, you will definitely be familiar with this issue.

 What Are These Pink Stains?

pink stains on marine vinyl
Pink stains on marine vinyl

Often times these stains look like spilled juice and can be incredibly noticeable on white vinyl. Most people naturally assume this is a type of mold, but in actuality, these stains are caused by a dye that is produced by a bacterial species called Streptoverticillium.

These bacteria can be found on the vinyl surface as well as in the actual foam under the vinyl.  And like most bacteria, they thrive in moist, warm environments. Essentially a boat is their dream home, with everything they need to grow properly.

How to Remove Pink Stains

Ensuring your boat stays dry is one way to ensure at least a slowed rate of growth for the bacteria. Be sure to store your boat properly, and keep moisture in mind.

If you already have pink stains forming, there are some cleaners that can help lessen the appearance, but nothing will remove it completely.  Be careful if using bleach to try and clean these stains, as it can cause unnecessary damage to the vinyl and stitching.

To be sure you are getting the best protection before the problem can develop, check with your upholstery provider to see if they are using Ultra-Fresh in their products.

How Ultra-Fresh Helps Combat Pink Stains On Vinyl

Ultra-Fresh is an antimicrobial additive that helps stop the growth of the Streptomyces bacteria – along with a variety of other types of odour and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This additive is incorporated during the manufacturing process and can be added to all components of marine seating (including vinyl, foam and stitching thread) to help prevent unsightly pink stains on vinyl.  It also has the added benefit of controlling unpleasant odors and prolonging degradation of the foam and vinyl.

antimicrobial treated foam
Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treated foam inhibits bacterial growth, preventing development of pink stains.
untreated foam
Untreated foam stained pink by a Streptoverticillium species that produces dye as a waste by-product.









To learn more about Ultra-Fresh and how it helps combat pink stains on vinyl, contact us today.